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Group Prenatal Classes

Private and Semi-private classes & workshops are also available, and arranged to meet your individual scheduling needs.
Please contact me to set up a class that will meet your needs.

The Adventure of Birth

A relaxed, comprehensive and fun class that will provide expectant parents with the opportunity to explore their feelings and beliefs about birth and parenting, and help them prepare to welcome their baby(ies) with confidence.

Some of the topics we explore during our time together are:

  • Prenatal development & changes
  • Premature labour
  • Understanding labour
  • Comfort measures & relaxation
  • Birth choices & interventions
  • Delivery & immediate postpartum
  • Feeding your baby
  • Newborn care
  • 4th Trimester & adjusting to life with Baby
  • Community resources


Comfort Measures Workshop

An interactive and hands-on workshop that focuses on preparing both the expectant mother and her partner/support person for the physical and emotional intensity that labour brings.

Pain management techniques covered include relaxation & massage, counter pressure, positioning, breathing, birth ball use, hydrotherapy and emotional support.

Expectant parents will learn how optimal positioning of their baby can help reduce or prevent back pain in labour and will be given the opportunity to practice various methods that can reduce the chance of a prolonged labour.

This workshop is ideal for those working toward a birth free of unnecessary interventions

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